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Yogaclasses with love and care for you!


Yoga is for everybody

Are you looking for a way to allow yourself more rest and relaxation in your daily life, to gain control over your mind and body, to feel less stressed and still to be physically active? Or have you ever been in such a lesson – 20 yoga students are trying to get into a yoga posture at the same time and you ask yourself: “will I ever get the hang of it?”

Then try yoga classes at Dananda! With a group of up to 10 people, you will enjoy lots of individual attention and learn how the postures (asanas) feel in your own body. You will experience attention to alignment, technique and a loving approach from yourself to yourself.

To make sure that a mat is reserved for you, please sign up for the lessons via our schedule.

Dananda offers various types of yoga classes. Please check our schedule to find out which classes will be given in English only.  We always look at your personal yoga needs and development. It’s not about how deep you go into a posture, it’s about the road to get there.

Yoga is for all ages! For children – a little more playful. For older people with mobility issues – with the help of a chair. And all ages in between!

Mats are available in the studio. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily move and not to have a heavy meal at least 2 hours before the lesson.

Yoga is not a competitive activity and is accessible to everyone.


Hatha yoga

The heart of all yoga classes is Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is an alternation of effort (Ha = sun) and ease (Tha = moon) to bring your body and mind into balance. The lesson consists of different poses (asanas), and the associated breathing frequency, which are performed with attention and patience. The lesson is completed with a deep relaxation. Hatha yoga reduces stress and has a very beneficial effect to the nervous system, joints, glands and organs. Generally, there is relaxation in the body and breathing capacity is improved. It calms the mind and provides new energy. You will notice that you become more aware of your body and any existing tensions and will find out what you can do about it. You can also apply this off the mat in your daily life.

Yoga with Shimi Vinyasa, restorative & restart your week!

These classes are aimed at easing your mind by connecting to your body. The focus is on breath and alignment. The vinyasa class often involves faster-pace and strong poses that enable you to fully relax at the end. The restart your week class is designed to ease your mid-week fatigue and help you find balance. We start by giving the muscles a stretch and then explore yoga poses from the foundation, feeling the strength and intention of every pose. We end the class with restorative yoga to give you some fresh energy to last until the weekend. All levels are warmly welcome, as Shimi tries to offer as many adjustments and variations as necessary. It's all about how YOU feel in YOUR body.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is inherently connected to Hatha yoga. The asanas taught in Hatha yoga are organized so that they create a flow (Vinyasa) and are performed in a series. In Vinyasa yoga you move with the breath from one pose into another. Sometimes we hold the asana (pose) for several breaths before we go on with the vinyasa.

Yin yoga

With yin yoga you stay in one pose for several minutes so the tissue in your body is able to relax. One says that with Yin yoga you work deeper in the connective tissue. It is sure that you will get time enough to move obstcales in your body as in your mind :).

Ashtanga vinyasa with a wink

This style of yoga is introduced by Pattabhi Jois. His ashtanga sequence is based on the 8-limbs of yoga. In this class the class is adjusted to the season. So it is not the original ashtanga, but ashtanga with a wink ;).

About Dananda

The yoga studio

“A place where you can relax”

Dananda yoga studio is located on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht. You may think that traffic from the street can be heard in the studio. Fortunately, this is not the case! An extra glass wall keeps both sound and temperature under control.  

You can find everything to adjust the postures to the participants in the studio: mats, blankets, blocks, meditation cushions and folding chairs.

The charming studio has cork floor clay paint on the walls. It took quite an effort to turn a squatted space into a yoga studio in a sustainable way. For this, we have made as much use as possible of old materials, giving them a new look. This gives the different rooms and the studio a unique and pleasant appearance.

Are you curious about what it was like before? Then take a look at this video:


The tearoom

The tearoom is opened before and after lessons.

With all haste – because yes, we do hurry before we go to yoga 😉 – you arrive at the studio and jump on your mat.

At Dananda you can get in the mood before class, drink a cup of tea and read a yoga magazine or a yoga book.

Also after the lesson there is tea and sometimes a discussion about the lesson. Other times nothing is said. All good.

It is nice to take some time to process whatever has come up to you during the practice before you go back into the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.


The dressing room

Refresh yourself

The dressing room is furnished with reused wooden benches and washbasin. There are hooks for jackets, bags, etc. The shoes can be placed under the benches and you can wash your hands and feet with hot or cold water before the lesson.


How it all began

An unexpected turn.

Dananda stands for Daniëlle and Ananda. Ananda is Sanskrit and means bliss or joy, happiness.

My introduction to yoga started during my work as an account manager for business and private events. Soon enough, I noticed a difference in my BEING and I became curious about what was hidden behind these yoga classes. In the meantime, I have followed a 3-year yoga education and am happy to be able to pass on these great lessons.

In 2016 I started giving yoga and other group lessons. We are now 2 years further and Dananda yoga studio has become a reality.

At Dananda it’s all about you! Small groups with personal attention for your development and wishes.

  • A lesson based on compassion, empathy and knowledge
  • Balance of effort and ease
  • Step out of your daily issues for a moment
  • Develop yourself both physically and mentally on and off the mat


Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

“May all beings be happy and may all my words, actions and thoughts contribute to their happiness”





Yoga is life, life is yoga. In daily life we are being confronted with all kind of situations in which we can act, re-act or do nothing. These choices and awareness you will have also on your yogamat. I will transfer an old and very beautiful knowledge to you in yogaclass through daily life examples, asana, breath, awareness, concentration and meditation. 

Sometimes very serious and a bit severe and other times with jokes. But always in loving awareness :).

Dananda Yoga Utrecht, Yoga with Shimi, for expats


For me, practicing yoga is about awareness and acceptance. I believe that yoga helps quiet down the mind through our breaths and movements. Then, when the head is less busy with past memories or future plans, we can start recognizing what the body is trying to tell us and start learning how to listen to ourselves. We learn to recognize and accept what is in the present moment and what is inside of us. The process of getting to know who you are is one of the most powerful tools any person has at their disposal. Honesty with yourself about your own characteristics will enable you to create an even better version of who you are, because you become aware of the changes you feel you should make. I warmly invite you to start your self-love journey through yoga.

Namaste, Shimi

Contact Us

Amsterdamsestraatweg 404, Utrecht

+31 (0)6-24866226

House Rules

These manners are based on the yamas and niyamas with which we can create and maintain a respectful and loving environment for each other.



Ahimsa – nonviolence

  • Respect your own limits and those of others. Both physically and mentally
  • Share with the teacher any type of injury or other type of trauma you may have
  • Be conservative when eating a meal at least 2 hours prior to the lesson
  • Switch off your phone during the lesson

Satya – truth, honesty

  • We create an environment of trust in which we can be ourselves and respect each other’s unique personalities
  • Stay true to yourself while respecting others’ right to stay true to themselves

Asteya – non-stealing

  • Take good care of your body, mind and soul. Not taking care of yourself means stealing from yourself and, by extension, from others
  • Respect other people’s property
  • Give each other time and space
  • Arrive in the studio 5 to 15 minutes before class. The tea is ready
  • If you cancel a lesson less than one hour before it begins, the fee will be charged
  • Your data will be exchanged by Dananda, Momoyoga and Mollie payments in order for the reservations and payments to be made correctly. Your data will not be shared with third parties

Brahmacarya – conservation of vital energy

  • Be moderate in sharing thoughts, words and actions and if you share something THINK: Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?
  • Please keep the quiet in the studio

Aparigraha – non-greediness

  • Enjoy yoga, but do not overwork your body and mind
  • 50% is for the exercise, 50% is for yourself


Sauca – cleanliness

  • Cleanliness of both body and mind
  • Make sure you have clean hands and feet before class
  • Help to keep the studio clean and tidy. Put back any props after the lesson
  • Leave your shoes in the dressing room
  • Respect each other space, do not walk over someone else’s yoga mat

Samtosa – satisfaction

  • We all have our limits. Respect yours. It is about your practice, be content with what you have managed today

Tapas – fiery commitment / discipline

  • You can achieve your goals by practicing regularly, but keep the yama in mind

Svadhyaya – self-development / self-study

  • Yoga is not about the full pose (asana), it is about the way to get to it
  • Achieve self-insight through your practice
  • Obtain knowledge of yoga theory during workshops or read literature
  • You know yourself like no other. Feel free to ask questions or share comments with your teacher

Isvara Pranidana – Surrender / trust in the divine

  • Yoga broadens your view of life. Surrender to this. Be open to this experience